The defense looked good. They were on the ball quickly at most times. There were really only two big plays not stopped–a long run by McClintock, and a long pass to #28. The D-Line worked separately, so this only applies to the 8 other positions on the defense. As with the quarterbacks, not all the numbers have names applied yet. So, if you guys know who was playing with these teams I’ll plug that info in.

The first team: Everybody was quick in pursuit. They looked like the first team. Injuries held out some of these guys, and some of the numbers are different.
LB: (52), Ronnie Fa’avae, Jordan Senn, Branden Brooks
S: Condrew Allen, Michael Dorsey–>; Dorsey looked particularly good. He was more agile and prepared than the others on the field, yet Glanville still doesn’t know his name.
CB: Roy Holmes, Jordan Brown

Second Team: They looked good, and got excited when some big plays were made. However, after a great pass deflection by Ford, he blew the pass coverage for a touchdown on the next play.
LB: Jonathan Benjamin-Nichols, Ryan Pederson, Christian Carlson, (55-not Carvalho obviously)
S:Stanley Jackson, Benny Schenk
CB:Steven Murphy, Matt Ford

Third Team: They looked okay, but didn’t get as much field time as the other guys.
LB: Rory Richards, (98), Todd Walker, Sam Gordon
S: Salah Ali, (20)
CB: Steven Murphy, Colin Williams

Matt Ford and Ryan Pederson came up with injuries on Monday.