Kyle Stack, sports editor of the Exponent, posted his most recent article on; a Q&A with football head coach Mike Kramer. Here are some of the highlights:

According to Kramer:

Freshman QB Jordan Rasmussen will not play unless starter Jack Rolovich and backup Cory Carpenter are both sidelined with injuries.

Aaron Mason is clearly the best running back on the team.

As previously mentioned, Rolovich is #1 heading into fall despite missing roughly half of spring ball.

Starting offensive lineman Louis Saucedo will most likely miss the 2007 season due to academic issues, meaning true freshman Mike Person will probably start at tackle in his place.

Kramer prefers to keep Epikopo King at LB, but hasn’t ruled out the possibility of having him play safety. Kramer wasn’t too impressed with the S play this spring.

Kramer still wants to roll punt, but practiced traditional style punting all spring. Rolovich will be the only one who will execute the roll punt.

The rest of the article can be found here (scroll down):