Spring GameBrian White and Tygue Howland continued their battle for the starting quarterback spot. All signs point to White being ahead, and he has done nothing to lose it. However, Howland is making great progress and could fill in well if something happens.

Reggie Joseph had a coming out party catching five passes for 156 yards. With the continued progression of the speedster Mackins and a combo of Lewis, Smith, Bramow, Thompson, or Tarver, the wide receiver position looks to have solidified itself.

On defense, Michael Dorsey continues to stand out. He had three tackles and an interception. After his vocal support for Greg Lupfer at the PSU basketball game, he has re-dedicated himself on the football field and appears to be making strides towards recognition with coach Glanville.

There are quite a few talented players who appear to be having trouble fitting in to the current system. The NCAA will be making a decision on the playing futures of Eric Azorr, Mu’Ammar Ali, and Tremayne Kirkland on Friday, and it is unknown when the info will reach the program.

The team appears to have the talent it needs to succeed in the upcoming season. It remains to be seen what impact the incoming recruits will have, and how quick the guys can pick up these systems. If they do, it should make for some really exciting games this fall.