Brian White looked excellent. He put perfect touch on all his deep balls, and lead the receivers well on in-routes. He had minor trouble while rolling, but overall was by far the best. He did drop side-armed a few times, perhaps to gain length on the deep balls.

Tygue Howland played with the second team on Monday. His vision and decision making have impressed the coaches so far. However, his throws aren’t living up to the praise. He was very good on screens and passes within five yards on the right side of the field. On the left he had trouble putting the ball on receivers hands. Also, he had trouble with the deep balls, at times forcing receivers to break stride.

Jimmy Collins was third. He was very good when he had time, and put good touch on deep throws. He was also better than the two ahead of him (depth chart wise) on the run. When he was forced to make quick throws, he had trouble putting the ball in front of guys. Overall, his accuracy was good.

Garrett Graves was fourth. He had a very bad day. He couldn’t hit any of his receivers in stride–at times not even getting it to them. Though he improved substantially with time to throw, he was the worst of the guys out there.

Collin Beeson was okay. He worked the handoff drills, so he had less chance to throw. He stopped practice early, perhaps due to a minor injury. He had a little trouble rolling left in timing workouts, but was otherwise okay.