UM meets NCAA’s academic marks
By FRITZ NEIGHBOR of the Missoulian

The figures are in for the third year of the Academic Progress Rates, the academic reform program instituted by the NCAA, and the University of Montana is nearly aces.

Of the six men’s and eight women’s sports at UM, just men’s basketball had a multi-year APR under the NCAA goal of 925. That rating was 921, and not subject to penalty because of a “squad-size adjustment” that gives programs some leeway.

The other men’s sports rated thusly: Football 942, tennis 941, cross country 929, indoor track 929, and outdoor track, 926. A rating of 925 is roughly equivalent to a 60 percent graduation rate.

The women’s sports APRs ran from 975 for golf to 943 for tennis. In between were basketball (972), indoor track (968), cross country (966), outdoor track (962), volleyball (955) and soccer (950).