Now that the Vikings are out of it for the Big Sky this year, it’s time to look to the future of the program. Since it’s the bye week, the coaches have almost all left for California to recruit the junior college guys. According to the Jim Beseda article in the Oregonian, Jerry Glanville’s phone has been ringing nonstop with guys who want to leave their FBS backup roles for PT with the Viks.

Wonder who the prospective transfers are. PSU has three fairly untalented quarterbacks on the roster, (Collins, Graves, Beeson) and four fairly talented ones (Howland, Hubel, Kavanaugh, Hagan) for next year. The first three probably won’t be asked back as scholarship guys next year.

You’d have to think some of those FBS third stringers are dying to get into the run & shoot.

As to receivers, we have a few experienced guys coming back in Bramow, Joseph, Smith, and Thompson. The transfers would love to play there as well.

The fullback position will probably still be thin outside of Bobby McClintock. Grant Schuberg will be back, and there will almost certainly be some recruits coming in here. The position change to fullback experiment has seemingly failed, so that will most likely stop.

Though the o-line is losing its most consistent performer in Carvalho, and three other “starters” it should be alright. Considering how well the Vikings recruited it last year there should be guys ready to play next year. Three almost certain starters are Rios, Punzal, and Kleffner. Laurisitis will likely fill one of the other spots, leaving one spot to be battled for among the rest of the guys.

The JUCOs will probably fit into holes in the defense. You look at who’s getting PT now, and it’s scary outside the linebackers.

LB-McCrae, Pederson, and Schantz should all stay there. You have to wonder if Dallas Smith will be the fourth guy.

DE-Evans/Nielsen then who?


CB-Patin, Jackson, Murphy, Brown, Ross, Onu. None of these guys has proven himself.

The team should improve with players chosen by the current regime. The question is whether or not the future stars like McClintock, Howland and Schantz will fit in to their leadership roles, and whether they can stay healthy.