I think that the Fred Delkin article many have discussed at PSUFF and AGS is a little over the top, but in general I agree. PSU would benefit greatly from the move exposure wise, even though it would hurt financially. The key is, as usual, bringing in more fans and wealthy boosters who will help PSU get better facilities.

The WAC has no reason to invite PSU now. Access to the Portland market wouldn’t help them because PSU simply doesn’t interest the average Portlander. 9,600 out of 562,000 is not what the WAC is looking for in a new team. However Montana isn’t either. (Not that they’re interested)

However, PSU is definitely a school that could become attractive to the WAC in the coming years. The progress the university has made in recent years is amazing.

Academically-The school is making great strides with many programs and is being noticed in nationwide publications. The large student body should only accelerate progress.

Architecturally-The PSU Urban Center, Maseeh Engineering Complex, and the newer housing buildings are great. With the addition new student rec facility and the MAX line running up to campus, the school should get even more attention. Some of the older buildings on campus are getting the renovation they need as well. (Shattuck Hall, and eventually Lincoln Hall and Science Building 2)

Athletics (especially the Stott Center) need the same attention. Large colleges make money off of their teams, but this comes from spending money. The universities spent big $ on facilities, the good recruits came, the product became one that fans came to see, and suddenly the games sold out.
In the last year PSU doubled its marketing budget, and with Torre Chisholm at the helm, you can expect this trend to continue.

If PSU wants to join the WAC, it will take time for the University to evolve into one that rivals the others in the conference. We will all have to wait and see what happens with the new administration. When it financially benefits the WAC to invite PSU, I guarantee the calls will be made.

Until then, expect PSU to continue its progress, and eventually compete for Big Sky titles in a sport other than volleyball.