First Half
The first half went as expected. Morrison dominated the much smaller center for the other team, and the Viks looked exhausted from the weekend’s games. However, as the half progressed, things started clicking, and the lead ballooned to 21 at half time. The team still seemed to lack direction without the starters on the floor, but the athletic superiority didn’t allow this to be much of a factor. Polis appeared much more in his element against this D-III team. Though it was a bad team, their point guard (Tesoro) was pretty good, so maybe this is a sign of things to come. Deonte Huff threw down a couple really big dunks, and Dupree Lucas even threw down a reverse jam when he cherry picked after tripping.

Half-Time Score 47-26

Second Half
This was a scary half for Linfield. PSU beat them by 43 with PSU’s starters in for maybe only 10 minutes apiece. Huff scored quite a few points, including more break-away dunks, and everybody was almost on stride, but Huff’s effort really stood out. The reserves all did fairly well, and Kyle Coston looked a little more comfortable, especially handling the ball.

Though this wasn’t really much of a gauge for Big Sky play, it did help to get all the players a chance to see extended time.