The Linfield Wildcats come into the Stott Center with wins over Holy Names (Oakland) and Cal State-East Bay, (Hayward, CA) two teams who are nowhere near the talent level of the Vikings. The Wildcats are a team who shoot the ball well from the outside, but are on a level where, if they compete with the Viks, it will be pathetic. At 6’8″, center K.C. Wiser is their tallest player, and one of their best as well. However, the honor of best player goes to Brian Murphy of Tualatin, a player who sat out all of last year with an injury.

Linfield: K.C. Wiser PSU: Scott Morrison/JR Moore

The freshman out of Tigard is a good player for Division III, however, he is no match for Morrison, who should be able to excite the crowd with some monster dunks in this one. Moore should also see a lot of time in this one if and when the score gets ugly. Thomas might even see time down low. No point listing advantages in this one, it really isn’t a fair game. Funny that WOU was an exhibition, but this one counts.

Linfield: Brian Murphy PSU: Tyrell Mara/Julius Thomas

Murphy is a strong offensive player who can shoot from anywhere, and plays good defense as well. Though he’s a smallish forward at 6’4″, he should be able to put at least 10 points on the board if he takes enough shots.

Linfield: Joel Paul PSU: Deonte Huff/Kyle Coston

This is another opportunity for the players to excite the fans. Huff should make a few steals that convert to dunks, and Coston should hit a few three balls. Paul should also be able to score some points if he gets a few open shots. He’s another good prospect at the D-III level.

Linfield: Steve Taylor PSU: Dupree Lucas/Andre Murray

Taylor appears to be pretty much one dimensional in their offense, with his only role being shooting. This match-up should at least produce some points, and an opportunity for Murray to see if he can duplicate his 20 point effort against WOU.

Linfield: Cody Tesoro/Jon Weber PSU: Jeremiah Dominguez/Mickey Polis/Brian Curtis

These two appear to split the time at the point for the Wildcats. Tesoro is a significantly better passer than Weber, and Weber had a tough first game with 7 turnovers. He cut down on that number in the second game, but if he gets anywhere near that on Tuesday, that could spell doom for the Wildcats. This game provides Dominguez the opportunity to watch somebody else do some work at the point, and get him the break he deserves.

This game is a great opportunity for fans to see the Viks at their very best while they gear up for UC-Davis on Saturday, and have some fun at the same time. Every player who is eligible should see extended action in this game, and they may all even score some points. A one day rest after three tough games in three days means that the Vikings may come out sluggish, but nevertheless, the reserves will still have to play to get them the rest they need. I predict the Vikings will start slow, but eventually race away with this one, and reinvigorate the fan base with a big win.

Prediction PSU: 94-46