Shipp.UCLA started the game with a big lineup-Love, Aboya, Mbah A Moute, Shipp, and Westbrook. Love was completely dominant on the offensive side of the ball, and certainly the best player on the court during the first half-he even hit a 3 pointer. Shipp was the next best player on the court, he was able to hit a few outside shots and shut out Lucas. Collison was out with an injury, but it didn’t seem to matter. The Bruins ran a double team at Morrison every time he had the ball, and it worked.

PSU was completely ineffective on the offensive side. Lucas seemed lost, and got into foul trouble, and Morrison turned over the ball multiple times. The Viks couldn’t score or rebound. Huff had six at half time, and Dominguez was very good defensively. Off the bench, Coston hit a three ball, and Julius Thomas was tough on the boards. Andre Murray couldn’t score, in fact, the guards couldn’t really score at all outside a steal and lay-up by Dominguez.

Halftime Score: 36-17 UCLA

The Viks started the second half quickly, cutting the lead to 13, but Shipp put the dagger in by hitting back to back 3 balls.

The remainder of the second half went back and forth, with neither team making much progress.

The Viks won the power forward battle, even though Mara was overmatched physically. PSU also won the point guard and small forward battle, but the SF battle was by a small margin. Unfortunately, Dupree Lucas didn’t score a single point, and Scott Morrison was completely dominated by Kevin Love. Josh Shipp was also great on the offensive end.

Final score 69-48

The real concern for the Vikings going forward is Mickey Polis. He’s not a formidable option at point guard. Even against WOU he couldn’t keep control of the ball. Dominguez can’t play the full 40 every time out.

PSU should do better on the offensive end against a more level playing field. The Bruins showed their superior athleticism, and skill at times, but the toughness and quickness of some of the Vikings created success at times. Going forward, the Vikings should be competitive in all of their games the rest of the way with the exception of maybe the Washington State game. The Cougars play a physical game as well, but with lower calibre athletes than the Baby Bears.

The Vikings should be in the running for the crown at the Top of the World Classic next weekend in Fairbanks, AK, and at this point seem to be one of the favorites with Colorado State’s huge loss to the Griz earlier this evening.