Hi fellow Hornet fans. My name Termite and I am going to try and put forth to you my experiences as the. parent of a member of your Sac State Hornets. Whether you are in the same boat as me, having a son on the team or just a fan I hope you find my blog enjoyable. I have never blogged before so bear with me.


My son red shirted last year. This was kind of a strange year for us. Since he was a Mighty Might in Pop Warner to his final year in high school we have watched him kick ass and take names on the football field every fall. But this year he is living away from home starting a new life and watching the games in the stands with us. I felt it was kind of like taking a dog to the field but not letting him hunt. Though in reality, it probably affected him less than it did us. He knew there was a lot to learn.


Now I know that all the kids that play at this level were at the top of the heap in their respective schools. College is different. My son would tell me about his exploits while playing on the scout team and I felt he was going to do just fine. But, then spring ball finally rolls around and the long wait is over. You go out to the scrimmages with your wife and maybe a grandparent or two. And you have questions that you haven’t had since his first year in Pop Warner. Can he play at the same level you are used to seeing? Will he get playing time? How has he adapted to a new school, team and position? As in the past when the teams take the field and the ball is finally snapped all of our hopes are fulfilled. He is out there doing what he does best. And at a high level I might add. Whenever he would come to me with doubts about moving to a new position or something going on in practice or school I would always tell him “just do what you do and you will be ok”. After watching the spring game I know everything is going to be all right. Bring on Humboldt State.