This year is shaping up to be the most extensively covered year of Bobcat football in history, with three, count them three new websites and/or blogs which are covering the Cats.

Rob Ash Football: This is a site that I believe was created by Rob Ash and associates. They have audio/video interviews with players and coaches, and Coach Ash himself has even pitched in a blog entry so far. I look forward to seeing what kind of video they offer during the season, as I’ve also felt MSU was lacking in this department.

Chronicle’s Blue & Gold: The brain child of departed editor Jeff Welsch, has been taken to new blogging heights by recently hired Will Holden, who has been attending every practice and blogging his thoughts. He has mentioned that video may be in the works for the Chronicle website as well; let’s cross some fingers.  Make sure to check out the blog portion of the site here.

ABC’s Tenzone: Last but not least, ABC has a sports blog that recently was installed on their website. Dave Griffiths has been attending weekday practices, and reporting about them on the blog. Also, on the right side of the page you can view the 10 @ 10 videos, which often show clips of the practices, as well as a quick interview or two.

Now onto some gridiron news. Starting center Jim Verlanic went down with a knee injury earlier today. This is bad news for the Cats as depth at C was the thinnest pretty much anywhere on the team. First reports indicate the injury isn’t too serious and we could see him back in a month or less. Freshman WR Colby Kinna injured his knee last week as well, but he will miss the entire season. He was not a projected starter.

The QB battle continues to heat up, with no clear starter emerging at this point. Sophomore Mark Desin (Billings, MT), junior Mark Iddins (Santa Ana JC), and sophomore Cody Kempt (U of Oregon) have all been getting equal reps. All three are very mobile, but Desin has the size disadvantage at 5’10, while Iddins and Kempt are both 6’2. No one has stood out yet, but all three have shown flashes.

The new turf is getting close to complete: pictures can be seen here. RB Demetrius Crawford cannot wait to play on it, and I can’t wait to see him play on it either. The turf may be completed in time for the planned scrimmage Saturday, August 16th.