Well, school has started and now all of us students gotta get back to the grind of homework, papers, and summoning up the energy to attend class.  That includes moi!  Anyways, last week saw the first two Idaho State games, both of which were soccer and one of which was just an exhibition.  I’ll recap that too!

Exhibition vs Northwest Nazarene (ISU wins, 4-0)

This game saw several new things for this season.  For one, this was the first game where I had chest paint (and got one horrible sunburn) and had a stadium horn to start out with.  Second, we utilized the flip-throw plenty this game, and it was very effective in getting ball in to the goal area where we can threaten to score off the bat better than a usual throw in.  Third, there were plenty of new faces this year with 8, count ’em 8 freshman.  Fourth, we attempted more shots in that game than we did in 3 games last year.  The entire game featured 31 shots attempted with 17 of those coming in the first half alone.  This had to be influenced by last year’s tough season which we tied 6 times (more than we lost with 5; we finished 7-5-6).  We scored early on in the first half twice, with one goal coming from Kilee Quigley and later Katie Miller.  We picked up where we left off last year with a stifling defense (one of the league’s best) allowing only 4 shots all game from NNU.  The other two goals in the game were by freshman Ashley Askwig, who is looking very good thus far and Noelle Sanders, who is also looking sharp.  Actually, now that I think about it, all the freshman are looking good.  Freshman Alex Hansen took 4 shots in the game, giving us all a hint of how aggressive this team is going to be this year (maybe a tad too aggressive, we were whistled for offsides 11 times and fouled 13.  Ah well, better to attack than to wait for the opponent to come for us, I say.  A new attitude for ISU!)

Idaho State 2, Utah State 1 (Double Overtime)

WOW!  What a game that was!  In fact, that was a WAR!  I can’t begin to describe how incredible that game was!  Both teams came out and fought like mad, like it was a championship!!!  All that was needed was some rain, hahaha!  Anyways, Utah State came out and drew first blood and stifled our attack for awhile.  We were a little timid and a little out of it, until Coach Gibson put in Alex Hansen, who gave us a shot of much needed aggression.  That did it a few minutes later when Lauren Ryan, a sophomore, scored to tie the game at 1-1.  And it stayed that way through regulation.  Both teams were playing with guts, passion and relentless grit.  I tip my hat to the Aggies, they played us tough and fought the good fight.  I love those kinds of games.  Even their goalie was aggressive to the point she kept running out of her net area to chase balls down to prevent us from shooting (which cost the Aggies the game, you’ll see why in a bit).  Both overtimes were the same, both teams just fighting it out and had several very close encounters (Utah State damn near gave me a heart attack several times), but it all came down to this: In the 2nd overtime, there was 16 seconds left.  We had the ball in their territory having driven it down.  It was just Alex Hansen, the goalie, and Ashley Askwig.  Hansen, for whom I’m very proud of, finally did what I wanted to see: she ran right into the goalie who chased the ball down (I’m SO glad that’s not a penalty, aggressive goalies gotta pay for their actions at times, unless they’re our goalies hahahaha).  Skwig took the ball and just nailed it down the net…WITH 16 SECONDS LEFT!!!  It was incredible, the place went nuts (and there was 450 people there…good job everyone!  That’s what ISU needs!!!  Crowds like that!)!!!!  Some football players who were there helped me lead the crowd in chants, including the now popular Aggie Meat chant and after Skwig nailed that shot (her 2nd in two games, she’s just awesome!!!) the football players all ran down to the first row and celebrated and mobbed me and anyone in sight.  It was just so awesome!!!  I’m still trying to get my voice back from that game!

Well, we travel to Air Force and Colorado College (who is actually a powerhouse; they’ve beaten Texas A&M, Oklahoma and LSU), and then we gotta go to Moscow for the Governor’s Cup (we should host the damn thing, we’ve won it twice in a row now…winner hosts the tournament, none of this sharing crap.  20 bucks says the Governor goes to Moscow after shirking us last year in Pocatello…he should’ve come out here last year).  And I’m off for 3 long weeks as ISU is on the road everywhere (thanks to Paul Bubb, who HAD to schedule just 5 home games this year in football…the first home game is the 18th).  Until then, it’s just watching college football and keeping up with the teams on the road.  My Buckeyes play USC on the 13th, so I’m gonna be jacked up for that one.  I will see you all later!  GO BENGALS!!!