My favorite Griz Chris has entrusted me to administrate the NAU Lumberjacks Fan Forum <>, and has also entrusted me as blog here on behalf of the NAU faithful.  As most of you know NAU’s fan site does not have a lot of traffic, but I am doing my best to get more people on.  In any case, here is my attempt to blog about NAU athletics


This Saturday, the New Mexico Highlands University Cowboys come to NAU.  I am expecting a very easy and very loopsided win for the Lumbermen.  I know, this is not a very bold prediction to make, but in the “hierarchy” of New Mexico college football, NMHU is probably fifth–below UNM, NMSU, ENMU, and WNMU and just above New Mexico Tech (NMT doesn’t even field a football team, by the way). 


I am looking forward to NAU’s “defend the turf” strategy, as well as, seeing starter issues resolved.  In regards to the former, NAU has installed new turf in the Skydome, which not only looks great, but should be easier on all the players’ bodies.  In regards to the latter, NAU has two very capable quarterbacks, both of which would definitely be starting if the other wasn’t at NAU.  


Here is to a good game (or should I say glorified scrimmage?) with no injuries!