Last week of the regular season! Looks like NAU is off, what a rough way for the Lumberjacks to finish the season. I presume since they seem happy with Sauers putting together seasons like this, there won’t be any shake-ups there.

CSUS @ ISU – Sac is looking to finish the season on a 4-game winning streak and a respectable 7-5 record, meanwhile ISU is looking to get just 1 win this season, and not finish 0-12 on the year. Sac’s been grinding out wins, until last week when they hung 45 points on UNC, led by QB Jason Smith who tossed 4 TDs. Meanwhile ISU’s woes on offense continue, just 10 points last week. In the last 6 games they’ve only scored 30+ once, and that was simply 30 points. I think this game could be a little interesting with CSUS having a bit of a suspect passing defense, ISU might be able to open it up a little, and should play a little better at home. In a closer than it should be game, Sac wins the game with Hilliard’s power attack, 34-28.

UNC @ PSU – In a battle for 2nd to last place these two foes face off in a game very few care about. PSU is probably watching UM game film for next year already! UNC hangs around a bit, but loses in Portland, 31-21.

EWU @ Weber State – EWU is coming into this game winning 3 of their last 4, putting up an average of 31 points in those wins. Meanwhile WSU is coming in winning 6 in a row, and rested off a late bye-week. Weber State’s pass defense is one of the best in the conference, allowing under 220 ypg, meanwhile EWU’s been winning recently with a bit more of a balanced attack, getting close to 100 rushing ypg. EWU’s playing for something here, a winning record, right now they’re at 5-5, and the season for the most part has been very disappointing. On the other side Weber is riding high, winning at least a share of the conference, and the autobid. Win tomorrow and they might even be looking at a #4 seed in the playoffs. I think a lot of Griz fans, including myself will be cheering for an EWU win, however I see that EWU is still giving up almost 340 ypg passing on defense, and I think Cameron Higgins will shred them. In a game that starts slow for Weber, EWU will jump out, but fall apart. The Wildcats finish undefeated in conference play winning 36-27.

MSU @ UM – The DA Davidson Dodge Red Zone Nike Fall Classic brought to you by Montana’s News Station and game, this is the 108th meeting of these two teams in a game that most just call the Brawl of the Wild. MSU comes in just as hot as UM, winning 4 in a row and eyeing an outside chance for an at-large berth into the playoffs. Last week Demetrius Crawford sliced and diced PSU in addition to new starter at QB Mark Desin showing some great scrambling skills. Meanwhile the Griz looked a little sluggish on offense, beating a hapless ISU by just 19 points. Both teams are dealing with injuries, MSU has lost a ton of playmakers for the season, but has a few (Verlanic & Kolone to name a few) that are possibles for tomorrow. Meanwhile UM is dealing wih injuries on defense as well, losing both of their starting cornerbacks in last weeks game. Both teams have kept their injury reports shrouded in mystery, and I’ll bet we don’t know who’s actually playing until kickoff tomorrow. The Bobcats bring in a powerful rushing attack, while Montana has looked a little suspect against the run at times, this could be the key matchup right here. MSU will want to keep Montana’s dangerous offense off the field, while Montana will want to force MSU to scrap the run and rely on soph Mark Desin in his 2nd start. Meanwhile Montana has the hottest RB in the conference right now, Chase Reynolds, he’ll be facing a huge task going against the best LB corps in the Big Sky. Montana has faced good run defenses before in Cal Poly & NAU and had success, can they keep it up against the Cats? This game will be physical, and both teams are playing for bragging rights, recruiting advantages, possible post-season positioning, and to finish with strong records. Montana holds a few advantages, their OL should play better than the Cats horribly depleted DL, they have an advantage at WR, QB, OL, and SS/FS – possibly even CB depending on who plays. The Cats have a great power rushing game but will be hard pressed to expect Desin to win this game, they’ll need Crawford and company to do that. One big advantage for the Cats is their kicking game, with a frosh kicker that has been money this year, meanwhile UM has seen its ups and downs in the kicking game with a frosh as well who hasn’t seen nearly as much success. In a tight battle that goes down to the wire, I say the Griz win this, 24-20.