2021 Spring season

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From the Big Sky Commissioner, indicates a 6 game conference only schedule with 12 teams participating (that just excludes Sacramento State) with a schedule being released in early November.

We'll see!

https://twitter.com/BigSkyCommish/statu ... 69408?s=20
This is silly. You’ve already pushed the season back, let the team play a more complete schedule. Six games is a half-ass solution.

The question is what are the other FCS conferences doing? If everyone else is playing 8+, what does that do for the Big Sky making the tourney? It would be hard to take a 4 win team with two losses under any circumstances... it’s just not enough of a resume. The only way this has any positive effect is if MVC, Colonial, et al are doing the same.

The other issue is, with 6 games, the whole season may depend on which six teams you play. If we get both Montana’s, Weber, UC Davis, Portland State, and Idaho that’s light years different than Northern Colorado, Southern Utah, Idaho State, Cal Poly, NAU and Idaho.
I may be wrong, but I don’t believe the Montana schools want to play more than six games… Also, the problem with the schedule, is if one team loses one game, they’re no longer going to play their starters for the rest of the season as the playoffs would no longer be a possibility
Question.. since the FBS players all get an extra year, does that apply to us as well? Would Eastern lose any players between Spring and Fall?

The way I understood the rule was that all NCAA teams get the eligibility exemption and the schollies for seniors in 2021 don’t count against the total.
I believe they will still get an extra year regardless if spring games are played or not....i don’t think that’s set in stone but I believe that’s the perception right now
I believe you are correct all seniors return....so what does that do for recruiting and the amount of scholarships we can actually afford, because at the end of the day it does come down to money. No way we can carry 10-15 super senior for another year unfortunately or you suffer later on down the road with a super small class of underclassman.

Anyone heard of anyone who has decided not to return due to covid concerns and not play/retire?
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When does the Spring Season actually start?

Sorry, have been incognito for a while.
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EWURanger wrote:
Wed Nov 25, 2020 11:49 am
When does the Spring Season actually start?

Sorry, have been incognito for a while.
https://bigskyconf.com/news/2020/11/3/b ... edule.aspx
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