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I heard the Big Sky has canceled all sports thru 5/15/2020, which means basically all Spring sports are kaput. I assume this means Spring Ball is effectively canceled, although I don't know if that is mandated by the conference or is up to the schools. It's weird because April Spring football is sort of a NW thing (WSU uses much the same schedule), but schools in other places do their Spring work as early as February and finish in March.

There's obviously no blueprint for what to do know... but curious as to whether anyone has actually heard of what the program is planning to do? If I had to guess, I assume the NCAA would allow for waivers to start Fall practices two or three weeks early. It wouldn't be ideal to have 5 weeks of football before the first game, especially as contact would have to be somewhat limited to avoid injuries that would carry over into the season (this is even bigger at Eastern as weve had epidemic levels of injuries every September).
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Fall football isn't guaranteed at this point either.
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60s Savage wrote:
Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:10 pm
Fall football isn't guaranteed at this point either.
Right, I feel for the seniors if the season is lost, bad way to end your career.
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