NAU head to head vs. NCAA tourney teams

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NAU head to head vs. NCAA tourney teams

Post by mtjack » Sun Mar 16, 2008 5:56 pm

Link is from the NAU mens basketball homepage: ... 1&sid=2188

Kansas dominated the Jacks. Portland State did the same in two of their three games against NAU. U of A and UNLV games were close and hard fought. Honestly surprised that MVSU is the best the SWAC has to offer. Jacks beat a good Western Kentucky team (albeit on a prayer from above).

Pretty decent resume for the Jacks. Hope this kind of scheduling carries over next season. I would like to see ASU and U of A back up the "play anyone, anytime, anywhere" talk I've heard with a home and home series vs. the Jacks. Maybe that's what it would take to get Flagstaff a little bit excited? It'll never happen though. The way the world of NCAA hoops works for the little guys works, we could have started 30 - 1 (one loss definitely being to Kansas...they're in a whole different dimension of reality bball talent wise) but as long as NAU loses in the Big Sky Conference final they no sniff at the NCAA tourney.

Possible NCAA tourney considerations/snubs:

Illinois State
Virginia Tech
Virginia Commonwealth

Utah State
New Mexico State ....all four top teams in the WAC unable to pull away from the other

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