Anybody embarrassed?

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Anybody embarrassed?

Post by king » Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:17 pm

Well, the football team seemed to be on vacation this weekend. What the heck was that? Seriously we looked like Idaho State (no offense Bengal fans) out there today. I have to say I'm a little embarrassed :oops: . I don't know what happened, but from what I saw there was no effort out there. I understand Herrick is injured and only played limited minutes, but he's not the entire team.

What happens to this team year after year? It's the same story over and over. They play well the first half of the season and then completely melt down the second half. Do they get tired? Do they lose the passion for the game? Do they just throw in the towel after they know they can't win the conference? The way they played today is inexcusable and I for one just want the football season to end so we can move on to basketball where at least Coach Adra's team always puts forth an effort. They may not be the most talented, but every night they leave it all on the court, which is something this football team doesn't do.

If football team is going to continue with this sorry a$$ effort, then just cancel the rest of the season and forfeit the rest of the games. There is no excuse for the way they played today. I'm embarrassed.

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Re: Anybody embarrassed?

Post by SDHornet » Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:55 pm

Best of luck the rest of the way Jacks.

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Re: Anybody embarrassed?

Post by mtjack » Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:11 pm

Embarassed at the effort NAU gave yesterday? Maybe even a bit sad? Yes and yes.

Embarassed at the effort I've seen at every other game this season from NAU? Absolutely not.

One bad game at home vs. a "different" and efficient Sacramento State team effectively ruined a shot at a playoff bid for NAU. (By the way, kudos to you Hornets fans for sticking with your team as things are starting to look up.) But I've been proud to say I'm a Lumberjacks fan every other game this year.

The defense has been astounding all season up til yesterday. The three turnovers by the offense deep in their own territory that led to Hornet touchdowns were all on the offense. The offense, while playing within their means early on in the season, has not put up lights out numbers like last year. Their passing game has suffered quite a bit. There has essentially been no game beyond 5-20 yard bubble screen and outs/hooks range this years. It just hasn't been there down field and teams began to catch up to this fact. I can't imagine that's all on Herrick or Stangel but on a plethora of new/"green" wide receivers. I for one have been spoiled with the production of the receiving corps the last few years and it didn't carry over this year.

Honesty rears its ugly head here - what I see is a talented but flawed Lumberjacks team that hasn't been able to overcome the loss of a top QB. The potential to be better was there. It still is there. Winning the last three games or at least putting up a competitive fight will leave a better taste in this fan's mouth. I'll hold off judgment til the season is over.

But I'll be right here following along on the computer next Saturday. Because I'm a sucker? Probably. Because I'm a sports masochist? Definitely. Mostly because I've never been very good at switching allegiances or being a fair weather fan. A Lumberjack fan through (occasionally) thick and (more often) thin.

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