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With your new president and an interim tag still on the AD, has there been any announced or unannounced progress on replacing the Nest? As an outsider I haven't seen much since the resolutions past but funding fell through on the arena portion.

Folks in Long Beach have a fairly new president as well, and also operating with an interim AD. Similar in that the interim AD has long standing connections to the university, but not a permanent change maker.

On campus home has to be a big priority still right?
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I know they are actively hitting up donors. Not sure how far we are from our goal though. New prez has seemed a lot more active in trying to energize the alumni and big donors than past regimes.

Might not be popular, but I still think there is an option to upgrade and expand the current Nest while we wait for a real arena that may never happen.
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Hornet Gym once had a capacity of 1,800 but the old bleachers were torn out for seat backs when we went Div I. Even recall a game back in 1988 when we last went to the post season when the baseball bleachers at that time were brought in to the old gym under the west basket and 2,400 attended. Days long gone.

The new arena is the way to go and the first 1 million dollars has been raised but no word
on what the new goal is and where things stand at this point.

The biggest school in the Big Sky and one of the largest universities in California at over 30,000 students continues to wait for an arena for Division 1 basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, concerts, graduations, etc...not to mention the need for our theater department that continues to put on productions in a small theater that was built 60 years ago with so many of our old buildings that need replacement from the days when the campus was constructed over a peach orchard in the early 1950s

The master plan for the new Sac State campus I believe has been approved but the arena is not on the top of the list. The new resident hall overlooking the American River is being constructed right now to bring the on campus students living on campus to a bit over 2,000 and then the new Science building is next up in terms of priorities.
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and my bad on the Hornets going to the post season since 1988.

Both of our teams did go to the post season a couple years ago. Great teams an my apologies

Was thinking about the NCAA tourney when I posted that. And in 1988 it was of course theNCAA Div II tourney. Sac State is long removed from the Div II years. Long gone but still remembered and honored as all years of the Sac State 70 year history is honored.
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Welcome to the board LB.

Nelsen has stated he wants to get an events center done. When he first arrived a few years back, he highlighted the new science building and an events center as the marquee facility projects to get done while he is here. The science building breaks ground this summer, new dorm opens this fall, ground will break on a new parking structure this year as well, the Union is getting expanded by 70k sq. ft., not to mentions a bunch of smaller projects to get done for both athletics and around campus (the Nest is getting a new HVAC system, baseball will probably get a new fence to go with our recently added lights).

In his spring address, Nelsen highlighted that the Govna didn’t allocate as much of an increase for the CSU system as was asked and if that goes through as planned (legislature can allocate more funds) then there wouldn’t be any money for facilities. He didn’t go into specifics but I’m guessing that would delay some of the planned construction around campus.

The Union expansion is funded by student fees and that just started last month and will take 2 years to get done. This is important because the Union expansion will fill the gap between the existing Union footprint and the proposed location of the events center.

Amongst all this new development on campus, the AD was just demoted with the intention of hiring a new AD this spring (a consultant is doing the nation-wide search and subsequent hiring). I would have to believe that fund raising is going to be paramount for the new AD (previous AD just wasn’t getting it done in this crucial area). I’m thinking if enough private funds can be raised for a new events center (my WAG is about $10M), then Nelsen will make the students pay for the rest via a fee (a fee that was approved in 2004, but the previous admin never got it built). If things can fall into place, I think we break ground on the events center within the next 5 years.
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The city is growing, and seems that a new arena is needed even more to compete with Golden 1 and also professional soccer. Hope it gets done with New AD.
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thanks for the update SD.

Yep, the ability for the new AD to raise funds for facility upgrades will be key.
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