Bee Article on Orr and His Event Center Vision

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Sac Bee interviewed new AD Orr, and he laid out his vision, focusing on the event center. All I can say is this guy is a breath of fresh air. Maybe Hornet sports have a decent future and hope after all.
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Good read and good expose of Orr and his goals.
Shouldnt the state be paying for bunsen burners and periodic charts? Why is the school on the hook for raising $20M to outfit it?
Raising $20M from Sacramento has been an insurmountable hurdle forever. Where are they going to find $75-$100M for an Events Center?
It will almost certainly need to be a public partnership to raise that kind of coin. Most Sac has ever raised in a year was $17M for academics, most raised for athletic facilities is $750K.

The department just released a fan survey on I gave them a piece of my negatively inclined opinion regarding football and the basketball facility. Not that they already are aware of what I identified.
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Good read. It’s nice to hear our AD laying out a vision for something bigger and better instead of talking about how Sac State has to scrounge at the JC ranks to fill open coaching spots. Breath of fresh air indeed.

$70-$100M doesn’t need to be raised for the events center, just 10-15% does and the students will pick up the tab on the rest.

Key points from the article:

Mentions that football getting fixed is atop the list, then highlights Sears 11-23 record as he enters the last year of his contract. I hope Sears has his bags packed.

Bennet (SMC HC) says SMC would play the Hornets in Golden 1. If a top mid-major like SMC would play the Hornets, you have to wonder what other name programs would play the Hornets downtown on a neutral court?

Event center feasibility study currently in the works.

Could partner with a minor league (NBA, NHL, WNBA) franchise to get the facility built.

Locker room expansion at the Nest currently underway.

Event center will be “mini G1C somewhere on campus”.
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Always good to see some news on this decades old topic. .
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