2015 NCAA Softball Tournament

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Weber (38-17) is in the #13 SW Louisiana pod, facing the hosts (39-9). Also in that pod are MS State (35-19) and Baylor (38-14).

Indiana State is the Cinderella, having taken the MVC crown with a 26-29 record. They're in the #10 Mizzou (39-14) pod.

Anomalies: at-large bids for Kentucky (29-24) in the #16 Notre Dame (40-13) pod and Northwestern (28-21) in the same pod. In fact, Kentucky and Northwestern drew each other in the first round. I find it complete [email protected] that they got at-large bids over the Lady Hornets (28-26). ESPECIALLY Northwestern....

http://i.turner.ncaa.com/sites/default/ ... 1_2014.pdf
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