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Poll: Buying Season Tickets?

Will you purchase football season tickets for the 2024 season? Why or why not?

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Staff member
To try and keep folks engaged through the long summer months, I'll try to post some polls and questions every few weeks. I think Kadeezy did this back in the day, so we'll try this again.

My answer to the poll question is yes. I've splurged for season tickets long before we were ever good, easy choice now that we are a perennial playoff contender and the admin makes a legit effort for an enjoyable fan experience.
I plan to try to snag a couple Endzone season tickets +2 GA.

I hope we continue the trend of mostly evening games so we have time to make the drive 3-4 times this season after soccer, kid crap, etc. I will try to be better this year about offering up tickets I can’t use. I know SH used mine once. More butts in seats!

The gameday experience is steadily improving, though we still need more bathrooms (again, the kids -and daddy when beers are involved need to pee 5011 times). Pro-tip for those with pea pods, try to incorporate a trip to the Sacramento zoo or the school’s new planetarium during the day of a night game.
The school hasn't opened the portal to buy season or single-game tix yet. I can't due to distance, but I'd certainly look into it were I to move home, or near home. (I have a couple of open applications for federal positions in Tracy and in Sac, and have interviewed for the Tracy position.) If the present game atmosphere is anything like the playoff game I went to or the Mattos March (I was there), it's time to get me involved again....

And, yes, Kadeezy was kind enough to gift me a ticket one year. I don't remember what game or even what year it was, but I do remember thoroughly enjoying the game and I am eternally grateful for that.
Season tix are out for time being with both kids in college. Son at Davis daughter at Fullerton so money going to that right now. We will try to make a game or 2 though.
If I lived closer, I'd definitely buy season tix. My wife and I will be coming down for the Eastern Washington game in October. Even though we no longer have a player on the team, we still enjoy traveling to games when we can. As far as the rest of the games, I'm grateful for ESPN+.
Season tickets are available to all now - we moved to an aisle in the chairback section.

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