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Poll: Starting QB?

Who should be the starter and why?

  • Kaiden Bennett

    Votes: 7 70.0%
  • Carson Conklin

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 10.0%

  • Total voters
After what I saw in the Stanford game, so long as the play calling is straightened out, I am VERY impressed with Bennett. I would be very happy to see him as the starter.

I see three options here:

1. Select one QB intended to play the entire game (Bennett is the best choice).
2. Use a shuttle QB system (a la O'Hara-Dunniway)
3. Use the 1950s Rams system (Waterfield plays 1Q, Van Brocklin plays 2Q, and the "hot hand" plays the entire second half)

I'm not really a fan of the shuttle quarterback system, but we did make it work with O'Hara and Dunniway. It worked when I was at Delta (after I left UOP but before I got to Sac), but that was a weird situation where we ran a hybrid Run and Shoot-Wishbone system designed by former Tokay HS/LB State/Hamilton Tiger-Cats QB Todd Dillon that guaranteed that the defense was wrong because of timed shifts between the two formations, and we had a pair of quarterbacks suited to each, but close enough to be credible in both. SD and Sting are in a much better position than me to determine if Bennett and Conklin would be suited to the shuttle. I would actually use a fourth option, also something of a hybrid: Start Bennett, bring in Conklin for one series during the early second quarter so that Bennett could get a different viewpoint guided by the OC or QBs Coach, and then send Bennett back in.

That said, whether we use my hybrid idea or not, the single QB situation has historically been the best, and I believe Bennett is the best one we have at the moment.
Pretty straight forward IMO, a healthy KB gives us the best chance to win. Thoughts?

Agree, when healthy, KB gives us the best chance to win. He can make something out of nothing. He will throw some pretty bad INTs and doesn't take care of the ball at times. But, when he's on, he's the best FCS QB in the country.

I think Conklin is the most promising prospect we've had at QB, maybe ever? If KB gets hurt or the coaches need to send a message, I think he's more than capable of stepping up and throwing for 300 yards and 3 TDs. Conklin hasn't shown much as far as mobility, and I know he was beat up too last year, but some of the BSC defenses really got him flustered.

QB Jordan Barton is the wild card though. Riverside JC All American, threw 35+ TDS in HS and JC, extremely hard to do. On tape, he looks like a smaller, slightly more elusive Conklin style of play. I think he has two years to play two.
Pretty straight forward IMO, a healthy KB gives us the best chance to win. Thoughts?
I think KB has the edge but he’s not durable enough. With that being said. And that he’s a senior that we should probably play KB as starter but mix in the future Carson Conklin and keep him very active with play time!

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