Random Thoughts On Basketball 2018

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Random Thoughts On Basketball 2018

Post by Junctioncat » Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:24 pm

Hello everyone,

I have been thinking quite a bit about our program.

1) I am extremely jealous of UVU's trip to Duke and Kentucky. I give mad respect to them, and I believe this difficult trip gave them the confidence to play with anyone. They were not intimidated by us at all. I wish Weber would do the same. I don't want to play a murderer's row schedule pre-season, but some gut check games on the road would do us well. Fresno doesn't count. Hypothetically, they are our peers.

2) I don't want to play D2/D3 programs period, but if we are going to, we might as well play SLCC or Dixie. Give me some reason to go to these games.

3) The U of U not scheduling us home and home was a major blow to our scheduling pre-season. BYU comes to the Dee every third year which is a step down as well. The Aggies will play us home and home. Thank you Utah State.

4) I really liked when we played South Dakota State home and home pre-season a few years back. That was fun. More of that would be appreciated. I wouldn't mind doing that with UVU. Again, give me a reason to go to the Dee pre-season. Some level of drama will draw a crowd.

5) Neutral sight for the Big Sky tournament was a bad idea, killing interest in the regular season.

6) We have a ton of talent right now. The ceiling for this team is very high if we play as one. We have seen glimpses of this.

7) I would rather listen to the band during timeouts than the promotional games that are going on. The band is a huge part of the college game experience. The promotions are ok during halftime, but every timeout is overkill.

Thanks for reading.

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