The NCAA Report on Northern Colorado

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The NCAA Report on Northern Colorado

Post by webergrad02 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:24 pm

I just read the NCAA report on Northern Colorado. I knew that BJ Hill was an idiot but I did not realize how big of one he really was. He personally used BYU online to take a class for a recruit that was not eligible. Funny that he would use a school based in Provo Utah to commit academic fraud. He had 5 assistants doing course work or paying others to do course work. They had a folder that contained the players course work called the Get SH!t Done File. How did he not think that one of his assistants would not get disgruntled and eventually blow the whistle on the whole thing?

So the the report did not contain the names of the prospects and players but they were listed as Prospect 1-5. But it did have pretty detailed information about the recruiting of the players. So with google, yearly rosters and some recruiting services I was able to figure out whom each of the players were. 4 of the 5 were JC kids and only one received any type of conference honors. One ended up being a back up at a NAIA school. BJ Hill sold his soul for next to nothing. It would be like committing armed robbery at a coin operated laundromat.

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