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New AD John Johnson

Canzano was quick to point out that Johnson hasn't been an AD in 17 years, but he was senior deputy AD at Nebraska until August, 2021.


Isn't there an EWU alum on staff somewhere in the athletic department?

Maybe we don't have to worry about football now.
I had to look up the old bake sale story, due to Mr. Johnson’s tenure at Weber State.

Dave Arslanian was the coach at Weber from 1989-1997. At a time when the administration was threatening to drop football, Coach Arslanian held bake sales as fund raisers. I mean, hey, it’s Utah. This came under regular ridicule on Boise sports radio.

(Arslanian was a Weber player, made the playoffs in 1991, was said to be a Weber guy, but ended up taking the Utah State job)

Johnson arrived in Ogden in 1997, so it seems he didn’t initiate the bake sales, and the program didn’t die… though it didn’t really thrive, either. No playoffs in that time (was ranked 18th one season earlier in tenure). Basketball, Weber, you know.

Of course, anyone who has spent time in Pullman knows something about tough situations.
New Portland State AD talks opportunities, challenges

If you saw my post about making the on campus facility into a bar around the field…

If you’ve followed Timbers Army…

Heck, if you’ve been to a Portland Pickles game…

…and at this point, I’m most apt to recommend a Pickles game…

…you can guess where I’m going. Which is partly to say that Dave Hersh kind of had an old school idea of something similar, but didn’t really pay attention to the new school at all. Which is really a bummer. Because the Portland area doesn’t have any more old school fans (in numbers) with which to appeal.

Oh, also, I did see the Mariners last Saturday. The stands may have been 10-15% full (announced attendance was pretty much a lie, though in ordering my ticket online, fair bet that a lot of brokers had tickets and took a bath. PSU can’t even get THAT action). But I sat in the cafe in the outfield, the other outfield bars were full. I mean sheesh! I should feel like I’m overlooking something about the current era of sports fans, that this visit didn’t deserve to reinforce my view on these things, but there we go again.

Anyway… as long as football stays at Hillsboro Stadium, I will argue leaving a lot of that ground area unused is kind of a crime. Imagine a slew of picnic tables in one corner (see Pickles for that one) and a bar area in the other. Make it different. Just make sure there’s enough security.
An interesting article:

The Long Shot

John Johnson is taking the reins at Portland State’s athletic department at a time of existential questions for PSU — and for college sports as a whole. Can he right the ship?

Bill Oram: Can new Portland State AD John Johnson solve school’s football dilemma?
Johnson remembers playing at "big-time" Civic Stadium long before the Vikings headed to Hillsboro.


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