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New Assistant Coach and updates


Active member
Leonard Perry, most recently the head coach at UOP, is now a Wildcat. This is a great hire for our program.

Good for Duft to hire someone that has more Head coaching experience than he does. I could see the players respecting Perry more than Duft at times but a win percentage of .322 as a head coach doesn’t make Perry look any more capable of running a successful program 😂
I know of atleast 4 candidates that turned down the job offer. It’s hard to find an assistant coach that’s willing to come to a job with an uncertain future. Tough to leave even a decent situation for a possible one year gig. Easy for Perry to take it being the Father-in-law of Assistant Coach Dan Russell. Have to wonder how many fellow coaches really think highly of Duft to not want to take a chance on him in his final year on contract

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