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QB Peter Costelli, Troy to Northern Colorado


Staff member
It's very typical of UNC to get a QB in the transfer portal that was a 4 star recruit out of high school and have no fanfare about it.

From what I can tell, he signed with Utah but was behind some monster QB's so decided to head to Troy.

Read his extensive bio on our website :thumbdown: :https://uncbears.com/sports/football/roster/peter-costelli/9708
Honestly, probably a bit over-rated out of high school if he was a four star and still has not recorded a single stat at two different schools. We've had our fair share of drop down highly rated QB's. Dylan McCaffrey was a four star and elite 11; as is our current starter. I'm not concerned about our QB room, a bit more concerned about our running backs and offensive line.
I don't know the kid, but know something about his career. He couldn't play ball during his senior year of HS due to COVID. That probably hurt his prospects, but he still landed at Utah. So, great school and program.

And yes, he was behind some good talent, not to mention the free COVID season that was given to all players, put him further behind the 8-ball on the depth chart as some players stayed on for an extra year. Supposedly, the was told he wouldn't see the field until his junior year.

So, smartly or not he took the portal to Troy. They red-shirted him, then dumped him at the end of the season. For whatever reasons, the NCAA wouldn't allow him another shot at the portal and made him sit out last year after his joining UNC. To my knowledge he has never been a problem player or done anything that might be considered questionable.

So, this might be his year to shine. He's now 4 seasons away from throwing a pass in any meaningful game and that can't help. He's supposed to be fleet of foot. I read somewhere that in HS he anchored his 4x100 team.

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