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Sanchez leaving ISU...


Active member
Just received a release from ISU sports information that said Maria Sanchez is leaving ISU.

The release says head coach Allison Gibson will not comment further on the matter.

Obviously this is a big blow to ISU soccer. I have little to no connection with that sport so I have no idea what happened but I'm guessing Sanchez realized that with only two more years to play in college that ISU was probably longer than two years away from being a real contender given how many freshmen were on the team last season and she wants to go to a program that basically can "win now." She'll sit out a season then have two more years to play. Given her reputation I'm sure some other bigger programs probably let her know they'd love to have her and she may feel she wants to test herself against better competition.

I guess there's also a chance that maybe she's decided to turn pro and make some money. Lots of the top soccer teams have feeder systems / programs where younger players can learn and develop their skills while getting paid.

Don't know if we'll ever know for sure but I wouldn't be surprised if she wound up at a bigger program.

She is an amazing talent.

She is an amazing talent, and it's a shame that after the work Coach Gibson has put into building a program around her that she packs up and leaves. But that's the fate of schools like ISU. Coaches put in the time and effort recruiting a diamond in the rough like Maria for soccer or Justin Jones from Malad for basketball (transferred to Utah State after serving a mission), give them a chance to become a star...then "POOF!", they're gone. Such is life...
According to the Idaho State Journal who spoke with Sanchez she is leaving because she "wants to play against a higher level of competition."

"The level I was seeing there (Mexican World Cup Team) compared to the level I was seeing at Idaho State was a big part of my decision."

"I want the most competitive environment I can have and I just want to move on to something that will give me that."

Story went on to say Sanchez is open to not returning to college at all and turning pro or accepting a full ride scholarship to play for a "high caliber" college soccer team.

Story said Sanchez hoped fans don't think she is quitting because program went 1-17 last year and she appreciated the opportunity ISU gave her.

Wish the kid all the best, she has to do what she thinks is best for her and her future especially if that at some point allows her to turn professional and make a living.

The full story:

This has to be quite the blow to Gibson. If I recall, Gibson turned into ISUSuperFan and followed Sanchez around on her Mexican team world tour.... maybe Gibson should follow her out.
I'd think ISU would want to wait a little bit longer before making that decision. Last season was brutal, no question...but they had what a dozen or so freshmen on the team? I'm thinking ISU will want to see if those players progress and get better. If they stay healthy they should as they get more experience.

I heard another player, Renata Masciarelli Orozco, has transferred to a division 1 school back east. So much for the experience that freshman gained. :roll:

One player does not a dozen make. Players come and go all the time... that's the way of the world today unfortunately.

Right you are.

I'll be watching this fall.

I don't know much about the soccer program so I'm not qualified to give a lot of opinion. When you only win one game all season though the odds are overwhelming that you are going to get better as young players gain experience.

Don't see anything strange or crazy about that.

Something smells in the soccer program. I've lost a lot of respect for Gibson, especially for blocking Sanchez' transfer.

Just read that in the paper today. Strange that someone would block a kid but maybe there is some evidence some of those schools did contact her originally before she decided to leave.

I also wonder, if that evidence exists, if it had to be presented by ISU to the appeals committee which also ruled against Maria. (I assume the appeals committee is an independent body? Perhaps someone can explain how that process works, who makes up the appeal committee and things like that)

Reading Sanchez's comments it sounds like she's pretty upset, made a comment about the coaching staff that I found interesting.

Not a good situation for anyone and as an outsider to soccer you just hope a compromise can be worked out that would satisfy everyone so they could move on.

Since Sas posted the original story regarding this issue, here is the follow up Saturday story from the Journal. It provides more details on the situation, allegations and quotes some folks.


Gibson is very knowledgeable and is a class person. But for Sanchez to get a big head and say she knows a lot more about soccer than any of the coaches is just plain stupid and ignorant. Since Maria contacted a 3rd party about the possibility of transferring to another school and getting advice about various schools in the country, this is an NCAA violation. And Gibson has no obligation to allow her to talk with coaches at other schools and I hope that she doesn't. ISU was the only school that gave her a chance when many others wouldn't.
According to the Journal Maria has been given permission to speak to the following schools:

Texas Tech, No. Carolina, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas A&M, So. Florida and Santa Clara.


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