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What's going on with some of the sports?


Active member


Softball really surprises me. Something is not right there.

Hope it's not a case of lack of institutional control.
57-14. That's what ISU softball has been outscored by this weekend. Why Tingey has defended her, especially after that first season with allegations of bullying, is beyond me. Afraid of her?

Dumpster Fire.
If I recall correctly, the bullying was being done by some players towards others. I could be wrong, but that's the way I remember it.
votb said:
If I recall correctly, the bullying was being done by some players towards others. I could be wrong, but that's the way I remember it.

Yes, but in a culture created by Letts. Check out the first link in this thread. There's a comment from last month from a former player of hers.

Ashley Nikole ·
As a former player under Coach Letts at the University of Mississippi, this story hits home all too well, and Coach Letts, in my opinion, was at the center of attention. It breaks my heart to see this happening to another colleigate program.

By the way, ISU lost today to New Mexico State, 18-0.
....0 and 9 to start the season....WTH ???..something IS truly wrong with women's softball.....we used to be afraid on "no one"...and would surprise bigger schools all the time..............better get this problem fixed in a hurry or it will be creating problems for years in recruiting, etc... :thumbdown: .
....Is ANYBODY ELSE seeing the same dumpster fire I am..???.....WTH...???....How low have we sunk in such a short time......0 and 12......enough already.... :tothehand: ...."somebody....find some backbone......quick"...........
.....we have been outscored 147 to 40.......or an average per game of 9.8 to 2.67.......can no one else see there may be a "slight" problem with the women's softball team ?......... :ohno:
Having a successful program and then being this bad and the thing that changed was coaches it does make you wonder, especially with former players commenting on the current coach.
.....3 and 17.....what a depressing season ....AND situation......in trying to find a silver lining....we beat Purdue twice....perhaps we had better see if we can get into the Big 10......especially if we are not going to address the mess we have gotten ourselves into with this sport..... :coffee:

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