Big Sky chooses new basketball tournament location

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Re: Big Sky chooses new basketball tournament location

Post by bigskyconf » June 26th, 2019, 3:55 pm

Pounder wrote:
June 26th, 2019, 10:37 am
I have been told a story with, naturally, no way to verify this. I'm guessing it's true, as it seems to make sense. I bring this up mostly to look out for "next time." Plus, with UM Kansas City leaving the WAC, you might want to keep an eye out once a month.

The WAC had considered taking their conference tournament for a year or two to Kansas City. Of course, the rumors of UMKC leaving weren't as loud then, but there were whispers... so does the WAC help KC or essentially bail on them?

Caveat: if the WAC had gone to KC, the Big Sky would have signed on with the Orleans Arena and played the tournament in Vegas, and would have locked in for 3-4 years. Since that didn't happen, Boise did.

With some WAC uncertainty, and now the admittedly slight possibility that Connecticut going to the Big East creates a massive ripple effect that perhaps leads to New Mexico State finding another conference home... eh, it's still too many moving parts. But don't get too attached to Boise.
I'm not attached to Boise, but it is better than Missoula or Ogden.

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