Let us ally ourselves with Sac State

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Let us ally ourselves with Sac State

Post by BroadwayVik » January 7th, 2017, 11:00 pm


Portland State and Sacramento State are so very much like, we should be allies. Once rivals, we are not directly so anymore since the arrival of UC-Davis on to the scene. This has opened to door to alliance.

We ought to cooperate with one another, share "unclassified" information with one another. We face similargoals, similar obstacles, similar school colors. The only material difference seems to be that they reside in their state's capitol whereas we in our state's largest city. But the cities are of very similar size, similar markets. Sac is more land-locked but, like us, is a coastal state "river city."

ImageImage Alliance

I think it may well be wise and profitable for our university officials to meet and discuss strategy together, so long as it meets to mutual benefit. Some things one other sees that the other perhaps does not so clearly. Changes in lattitude, changes in attitude. There is likely real value to be derived from such an allied relationship.

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