Three Things PSU Athletics Has Yet to Accomplish

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Three Things PSU Athletics Has Yet to Accomplish

Post by BroadwayVik » February 14th, 2017, 9:09 pm


1. Master your product.
It is important to be able to describe your product or service features and its benefits to a potential patron. You also need to know about most (if not all) products and services that form your chief competition--a crucial step as you can expect your patrons to use the internet to research on viable alternatives before they even consider you. Ensure you have several differentiating advantages you can cite that your brand has over others.

2. Uncover the expressed and implied needs of your patrons.
This is where some skill and training might be needed. You will need to be an amateur psychologist (or improve your EQ) to "read" your patron -- take the trouble to find out what they really need and to understand the concerns and constraints they have. One quick example would be to probe and eventually discover that maybe they need help with reserved parking for basketball games.

3. Solve patrons' needs and the patronage will follow.
As a marketer, it is better that you are seen as a provider of solutions. Take the time to listen to what they're saying and respond accordingly -- be sincere, be specific, be factual.

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