Fun/Late Night Thoughts - New Conference Out West?

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By no means are there any kinds of rumors about this, BUT, would anyone on here be opposed to a new (revitalized) third football (FBS (preferably) or FCS) out West? Though HIGHLY unlikely, it's something fun to think about. A conference to replace the now defunct WAC/Great West? Membership would include 8 members:

San Jose State (pressure to leave MWC)
Hawai'i (possibly football only, full membership preferred = must leave Big West/MWC)
New Mexico State (currently indepedent)
Sacramento State
Cal Poly (full membership only, must leave Big West)
UC Davis (full membership only, must leave Big West)
-possibly Portland State (if they don't drop football)
Either Dixie State / Tarleton State / Idaho (if they want to make the jump back) / San Diego (if they want to have football scholarships)

Heck, we can even bring back the Great West naming for this conference. This realignment would be driven by Football and to an extent, basketball. Majority of the conference would be in a large metropolitan area.
- 4 CA schools makes up the conference, and the rest of members are TRUE* West Coast schools located West of Colorado.

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I like it.
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At the risk of riling up the nay-sayers, for a long time, I've wanted a new Pacific Coast Athletic Association to replace what ultimately became the Big West, featuring some old PCAA/Big West schools and some splitting off from the Big Sky so as to provide a second Left Coast FCS conference to build on SOS without bankrupting ourselves on travel costs or having to get a ton of bodybag games. Ideally, I'm thinking of the following in the new PCAA:

Manure Pile
Sac State
Cow Poly

Big Sky:

Dixie State

Yes, this would involve the resurrection of a few football programs, but with eight to nine teams in each conference, it would provide an ideal in-conference schedule with room for several cross-over OOC games that would count heavily toward SOS without banking on money games or losing recognition due to over-scheduling of D-II games.
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Love the idea of brining back the PCAA name for the conference!

Here are some my takes regarding the proposed member schools.

EWU (struggling financially, if they regain ground, would probably want to stay in the Big Sky with rivals like Idaho/Montana)
PSU (also struggling financially and no true home for FB, but school is located in a great metropolitian area which means easy travel)
Manure Pile
Sac State
UOP (I don't see them bringing football back. Plus they loveee being in the WCC after leaving the Big West)
Cow Poly
NAU (Founding member of the Big Sky, I don't see them leaving unless they're forced out)
Foolerton/LBSU (I don't think both schools have the resources / want and have the support to bring football back)

i think this new conference would somehow have to include New Mexico State being the lone independent in the West (I know BYU is independent also but they above a level or two from the schools being mentioned. As well as San Jose State and Hawai' (the two schools the MWC doesn't want).
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At this point it will just be nice to have Sac State student athletes playing again in the Big Sky, the Big West, the WAC, the MPSF and the ACC. Think that covers all our sports teams.

Good thoughts to all Hornets present, past and future

We will get thru this.

Be well to all.
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