2017-18: The Lost Year

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2017-18: The Lost Year

Post by Kadeezy » Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:43 pm

The Hornets have lost nine straight - no one is healthy. It's been a disaster of a season, and you gotta feel bad for Justin Strings. The nightmare ends (regular season - wise) on Saturday... What do we have to look forward to for next year?

There are some serious reinforcements coming our way for the backcourt as injuries heal and new recruits come in. The front court boasts one of the BSC's best in Joshua Patton, but not much else after that, gotta hope for Martin to turn into Jordan Salley, and have Folwer beef up a bit. Katz has to be scrambling across the JC/International ranks to bring in a warm body 6'8" or taller...

I hope Katz has something up his sleeve, otherwise, we look like this...Assuming incoming guards RS, McCullough might not...And Perez, Dressler, Harmetz, and Dancer are gone.

G- Graves/Ugbaja/Hicks/Wright
G- Izayah/Wu/Tolbert
F- Fowler/Jacobs
F- Martin/TBD
F- Patton/TBD

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Re: 2017-18: The Lost Year

Post by SDHornet » Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:08 pm

The loss of Graves before the season was huge...pretty much a season ender right from the get go. Regardless I still expected this team to at least be withing a handful of games of 500, and to be honest I'm not buying the injury excuse as a reason for a 6 win season. Katz is 10 years in, we should be over these kinds of seasons even when an injury bug hits.

I tuned out a few weeks into the BSC schedule, but based off of what I saw earlier on the season I think there is enough returning for Katz to turn this around. Graves will be solid if he is fully recovered, Le'afa had some impressive games and he and Hicks should be better when teams have to also defend Graves, Patton is a force inside, and Folwer has good length who should at least develop into a serviceable swing.

Katz needs to hit pay dirt on this upcoming recruiting class with a player or 2 that can contribute in a meaningful way immediately.
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Re: 2017-18: The Lost Year

Post by mattman_121 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:50 am

I disagree with pretty much everything that was said here. The team was very similar to the previous two years even without Graves playing. A much tougher schedule was played and the Big Sky Conference was the toughest it has been in forever. You can argue that the overall program should be better every year, but to act like there was some dramatic drop off last year is just not true.

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