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In case it was missed, soccer got beat down by BYU over the weekend, 10-0! If you're keeping track, they're winless and have been outscored 19-2. They also lost an exhibition game to a DII.

Yep, we're now scraping the bottom of the barrel. Sad, because we used to be good.
That's basically unheard of for a soccer game to give up 10 goals. Didn't see anything about that but remember the Journal doesn't publish on Saturday and Monday too.
sasquatch said:
Fair is fair- nice win for ISU over Utah State today. Good job!

Bengal fan here but to be fair, ISU was gifted that win today or should we say that Utah State was screwed by the officials.
ISU goal at the north end came straight down from the cross bar and according to ISU folks at that end, the ball was never across the goal line. Hit the goal line without crossing it.
The USU OT "goal that wasn't" was definitely completely over the goal line and into the net before it was cleared. Not even close. How the official missed that one is questionable.
All that said, the Bengals started off like a house on fire, went flat for a great while and let USU dictate the play for much of the game. However, they didn't quit and played hard and definitely picked their game up late in 2nd half and in the OT periods.
USU was frustrated by the officiating and rightfully so.
Hopefully the Bengal fight was ignited in this match and it will continue through the schedule.
.....Also Utah State was 1 and 2 coming into the match and the Bengals were 0 and 4.....so "AFTER" the match.....Aggies leave the pitch 1 and 3 and we are 1 and 4......it is not like we beat someone that is having a good year.....Aggies appear down this year.....and from some of the above comments we might have gotten lucky in this one....

....as sasquatch said "we used to be good".....soccer and softball have been suffering the past several seasons....sure hope the new athletic administration looks into these sports that we used to dominate and not just looks the other way as the previous A D did........sad....

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