Win One for the Knipper!

Bear football talk while we watch Ed McCaffrey restore the glory of UNC football
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From Idaho State's Fan Forum

"The attendance for the Northern Colorado game at Holt Arena will drop off this weekend. Most students and local fans will not be showing up to Holt Arena this Saturday other than the die hards. No chance for playoffs, a non rivalry game, and both teams have losing records means less people showing up for the game." ... =12&t=7626

Everytime I have watched them on Pluto, It's like looking at the UNC student section after half time. There is nobody there!

Also during the Coach Big Scott Downing Era it seemed like Idaho State was the only team that we could beat, I don't know what it was, but Big Scott Downing was like .500 it seemed against the Bengals.
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Yep, it would be great if we could win it just for him. He's a great player, a good kid and good leader. I won't fault this staff for being able to recruit QB's. They've been spot on with that one. It has been the linemen on defense and offense we've struggled with.
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Good win for the guys yesterday! I was watching on Pluto and I kept thinking to myself...these are the games UNC usually gives away. Root misses 3 PAT's, and our other kicker misses a field goal. I was sure these were going to come back and kill us. However, the guys have not given up and they're playing for well for Collins.

ISU is pretty good at home, and we normally don't win there, so again nice win!
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Knipp granted record 12th year of eligibility next year I'm guessing...
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