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I thought I'd go ahead and get this new/old board started up on a very positive note and elaborate a little on facilities, and what a great job that Pauline's done to make sure we get these to try to be competitive in the various sports we have.

First of all, just a few days ago, a nice new athletic training center was completed, at the cost of at least $50,000 or so. And this was funded by Portneuf Health Trust. This is a very much needed thing to have, to ensure that all that our student-athletes get the rehab and other care they need.

Also, I know that there were some nice additions done to our weight room, and this was very much needed as well. Although I'm not sure of the cost on that one. Also a dairy company in Boise fully funded a $50,000 nutrition bar in dome for all of the student-athletes. This nutrition bar will be fully funded and will have protein shakes, protein bars, and fruit, for the athletes to come in and have whenever they want to. Many colleges and pro teams have had these for years and it's a real nice thing to have.

Merlin's TV and another company in Poky spent $50,000 for a film room in Reed Gym for the various sport teams we have. And one of these will soon be built at Holt at the SW corner of the dome near the equipment room -- real nice to have! Also, Pauline has gotten several Bengal boosters to donate at least $25,000 each for scholarship endowments for football, and this is real nice. I know that she's gotten some nice equipment for the golf team and for our basketball team as well.

Some Bengal boosters have stepped forward to come up with $130,000 for a nice student-athlete academic center to be located at the basement of Turner Hall, for all of our athletes. And this will be constructed soon. And we all know that Pauline has convinced ICCU to donate $7.5 million for dome renovations, including seating, booster seating, a new turf, elevators and renovations to the entrance ways of Holt. And we know that Pauline has come up with $7 million for some very nice renovations to the track and field and the soccer complex, and we've all seen how nice this is! This will help recruiting big-time in both sports!

I know that she's looking to raise about $50K for a football players lounge to be located near the weight room. And she'd like to raise about $1 million for a covering/roof for our practice field, so that all of our various can train indoors during the winter months. They're not able to do this at Holt at this time because our indoor track team practices there at this time. Why couldn't any of the other ADs we've had do this kind of thing? These are very nice additions and are definitely will help with recruiting. I know that Jeff Tingey raised the money for the practice field near Holt, but mainly that was Jay McMillan that was mainly doing the fundraising, not Jeff.

I know that she was able to increase football salary pool by another $600,000 or so, so that we're able to hire a few more coaches for FB. And the assistant coaches we have will be getting more money. And Ragle will be getting much more than Phenecie made.

So let's give a hats off to Pauline for the great fundraising job she's done. And I'm sure we'll look forward to getting a nice, new basketball gym within a few years under her leadership!!
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You should post on the other site too. This site shut down two years ago as everybody left this site and nobody comes on here. I doubt this site will ever come back like it once was. Too bad that happened but everybody went to the other site.
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Up, Bengal Cub said he was going to shut down the other board tomorrow, the 23rd, unless he were to find someone else to moderate it. He's tired of policing everyone else's posts, and I seriously doubt he found anyone. Therefore I think my efforts to post on the other site would be completely futile.
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